I am very privileged to live in the beautiful Amber Valley, just off the Peak District in England, with my beautiful wife and four great children.

When our first born arrived we bought a Canon film camera to document his growing up. Each of our children have endured Dad snapping away (I suppose I am a real Papa-razzi) and a camera has become part of all of our lives.

A real test of our Christian faith has been my falling ill with a chronic autoimmune disease called sarcoidosis. Despite it being in my heart and lungs I refuse to give in to it. Actually it has opened my eyes to what I have taken for granted for so long. Increasingly a photograph for me is a way of recording the glory of God in His creation. 

My photographic 'adventures' are littered with poor planning, over exertion and just plain stupidity. I hope that my images, in some small way, capture something of His handiwork all around us.

Today I am using Pentax equipment. I am really enjoying it.



Photographs by ©Peter Nutkins

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Winner 2016 Smithsonian (Travel)


3rd Place 2017 Spring Competition 

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