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The Favola

Favola is the Italian word for “fable”, because you deserve a great story where magic meets reality and your memories will be protected forever. Everything in Favola is designed to give a vintage feeling, and transcend time and trends.

Handmade with love...

The luxury Genuine Italian cowhide leather “Etrusco” wrap protects the album. The rich texture, soft surface combined with the high quality cowhide is made in Tuscany (Italy) and features a natural tanning process along with a manual staining that ensures that each piece is truly unique.


Favola features handmade limited edition Amalfi paper. The deckled edge is created using the same ancient paper making process, very much the same workflow still used in the family owned paper mill in Amalfi (Italy).

Made with 100% pure cotton Amalfi paper, with décollage edges; the magical look and feel are a result of the organic materials that glorify your Fine Art Portrait. Overall size 12x15” and inside cover is Suede.

Please speak to Peter about your Favola Album.

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