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Corporate Portrait Louise Third

Professional Business Photography

Professional Photography - making images that work for you, and for your business. Peter is a specialist who captures your unique vision with creative flair, technical skill and experience to enhance your brand.

Whether you are looking to enhance the imagery on your website, refresh your printed marketing materials, or create your latest social media campaign, we provide you with images that attract, engage and build rapport with your audience.

South West Photographers

We empower your business by capturing the highest quality commercial images for you to use across all of your media. Our clients range from solopreneurs looking to define their brand, all the way to national corporations looking for consistently high quality results.

Getting quality business images should be simple. You should feel that your images are working for you and supporting your business goals.

We can show you how:

Engage with your audience and enhance your brand with a range of professional photography services. Based in Somerset. Serving the UK.

Corporate Team Portrait

Professional Photography Services For Business

Most business owners know the basics of what photography can do for them, but understanding how to approach photography as a part of your overall marketing game plan requires the help of an experienced professional photographer who is dedicated to understanding your business offering and your customer base.

Here are a range of services that we offer our clients. Your project will be unique to you so get in contact to discuss your business photography requirements and obtain a no obligation quote.

Corporate Photography

Corporate photography for companies, brands and organisations looking for a high-quality professional corporate photographer available for hire for UK photo assignments. Highly qualified, I'm available to cover corporate photography assignments ranging from creative corporate portrait shoot's through to staff headshots, staff working photos and team photographs.

Fiona Thornewill MBE | Corporate PhotographyBusiness Portrait Photographer

Based in Somerset and regularly covering photoshoots across the UK, I've built up a reputation as a creative and reliable corporate photographer.

Your corporate identity matters and with my creative flair, technical skill and experience, we can make sure your images communicate the right message.

"a real professional who took time to understand our needs, exercised real creativity and left us with a set of excellent images that we are proud to include in our promotional materials. I would highly recommend to business colleagues" Ron Lynch, Regional Director, Institute Of Directors East Midlands

Commercial Photography

Product Photography For Your Business WebsiteCommercial Images For Your Business
Commercial Photographer Makeup

High quality commercial photography that organisations and small and large businesses. When you need a set of images to tell the story of your brand or business, you need a photographer who understands you and the products and services you sell.

I specialise in working closely with my clients to create a set of exceptional photographs that are not only creative but also match their style and brand. Get in touch for all of your commercial photography needs.

Personal Branding Photography

Business Portrait Leisa Pickles

Personal Branding Photography to attract, engage and build rapport with your audience.

Your successful personal brand builds a loyal audience who are interested in you and what you have to offer. Effectively communicating your brand message is vital to build a lasting relationship with your audience.

Together we will create consistent communication, illustrated by magazine-quality images, to tell the story of your brand in the most authentic way.

Become the boss of your brand and reap the benefit a successful personal brand brings to your business.

"Wow!!! He is one of the most talented, professional and creative photographers... He is also extremely kind and was very easy to get along with!...Thank you so much again, Peter is highly recommended by me!" T Wellington

Personal Branding Case Studies:

Lizzie Butler, Louise Third MBE, Leisa Pickles

Headshot Photography

We provide the same world class headshots for all of our clients. Whether you are a looking for a small business headshot service, you are self employed, or looking for many headshots for a global brand we provide the same world class quality regardless.

We do not charge for travel within mainland UK so can service your multiple sites across the country. For our corporate headshot clients we offer a reduced rate per employee.

"[I was concerned] I wouldn’t look good in photographs... it didn’t come true, Peter was very professional and put me at ease through the whole process...it was a fun yet professional experience, you feel like you are in a studio and really feel at ease." C Clarke

Event Photography

Award Photo At Event Photography

Make your event special and increase your ROI with great photography. We are available for event coverage across the UK and have a dedicate page where you can find out more:

"Peter was a professional from the moment he arrived at Carriages, always ensuring he didn't impose a distraction to the guests or speakers at our recent event. Thank you Peter." W Baird

Photography for Websites

Photography for business and organisation websites. Storytelling images that build a relationship between your audience and your brand.

Does your website need a refresh? Are you looking at improving your online presence? We capture inspiring business photography that fits with your vision and gives your site a consistent theme. We work with your website designer or marketing team to produce exactly what you are looking for.

Professional Website PhotosWebsite Photography For Your Business

Commercial Lifestyle Photography

Commercial lifestyle photography is one of the most powerful ways to define your brand identity and help your customers identify with you. This type of photography is more about presenting a scene that conveys an emotion or evoking a memory in the viewer, and less about a literal depiction of the business offering you are trying to promote.

For example, if you are using lifestyle photography to help sell a product, the image is less about your product and more about the people in the scene and what’s going on around them. In other words ‘selling the sizzle rather than selling the steak’.

Rather than being a photography service in itself, this style can be incorporated into all our other services.

“Build a lifestyle around your brand, and the audience will follow.” Eva Chen, director of fashion partnerships at Instagram

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