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Family Photographer Devon In Your Own Home

This fine art portrait is a typical result from one of my family 'studio in your home' photography sessions.

The Studio in Your Home

Although this family photograph may look as though it has been taken in a studio it was in fact captured in the dining room of a home! To achieve this ‘studio style’ I bring the backgrounds, props and lights to the comfort of your own home.

This family were so kind and thoughtful. We had met a few weeks before when I met both the boys and their pet dog (not pictured here). We talked through what the family were looking for and also found out about the interests of the two young men. When I returned for the photo shoot we could pick up our conversation from where we left off. This broke the ice straight away and enabled everyone to be more relaxed much quicker.

You want beautiful portraits that will provide you with amazing memories for years to come. To achieve this you want to be as relaxed and confident in front of the camera as possible. Originally we had talked about some outdoor portraits, but on the day it was too cold for people to really relax. So we decided to work indoors - with a little furniture rearranging we were set to go.

I think that this image gives you a good idea of exactly why I come to your home rather than you coming to a studio. Because my sessions take place at your home you can easily get changed into a range of clothes and try different looks and styles.

Because we are in your space you feel so much more comfortable. I am the visitor, not you. Your children can come and go as they like and have easy access to their own toys, snacks, games and clothes. You can imagine that this reduces the stress on you considerably and that means that your portrait will be better too.

You can pop in the kitchen and have a cup of tea while I am capturing your children interacting and having fun with each other. Most families are looking for a range of different memories. Each member of the family has their moment of glory when they have pride of place and I work with them to get the best way of standing and posing.

Then we get small groups together, Mum and Dad, the children, grandparents and so on. Finally, we have the full family. By this time everyone is relaxed and knows just what to do to get a great portrait.

Portrait Photographer At Your Location

So where do I travel?

I come to your home basically anywhere.

If you are in the UK then there are no travel expenses and I can be at your home, workplace or favourite location. If you do live outside of the UK then I make an additional charge for travel and accommodation.

Location: Exeter, Devon.

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