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Personal Brand Information To Help You Succeed

Branding Snippets - For Your Branding Journey

Snippets of information to encourage you on your personal branding journey.

7 Step Communication Strategy

Don't leave your personal communication to chance. Take the time to use a personal communication strategy that leads to your success.

Business Photo What To Wear

I am a specialist business photographer. Here are my top tips for what to wear to look super professional in your upcoming photoshoot. Follow the link to find out more.

LinkedIn O'Clock

Feeling the pressure of consistent posting to social media? Take the pressure off and become consistent with a social media strategy.

Is Personal Branding Just Boasting?

Nobody likes a big boaster - but is personal branding something different? Discover how to make the best impression without boasting.

Building Rapport In Your Brand

Building rapport into your brand builds respect, trust and longer lasting relationships. You can develop this as you communicate your personal brand.

Is a Headshot Photo enough or should you have more?

A professional head shot is a great first step in your journey to creating an attractive and engaging brand. But should you stop there?

Cool Tools: LinkedIn Nearby

Move seamlessly from the real world to the virtual using the LinkedIn Nearby tool on your mobile phone.

Post Stack Strategy

Utilise this simple stacking strategy to help you create quality content that communicates your personal brand effectively.

Image Size Matters For the Internet

The size of your webpage or blog image makes the world of difference

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