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Using a Simple Stacks Strategy

Use this strategy when the creativity juice is on empty to help you create new content for communicating your personal brand..

Simple Stack System

Have you got brain freeze when it comes to what to post next? Has your get up and go got up and left the building at the thought of how to communicate your brand in yet another way?

Help is at hand with the simple stacks strategy that guides you to what to write for your next snippet of information, support, advice and encouragement for your audience.

Like many people I started out writing articles, blog posts and news items and I quickly came a cropper as I just plain ran out of mojo. That is until I read about a simple way to make a system or strategy for my creating content.

The strategy is based around having already defined your areas of uniqueness - something I now work with my clients on before we take a single photo.

Once you have your areas sorted thinking through the process, experience, or sequence gets you started on some content ideas (or nuggets). Often through your day you may have a special moment when an idea (or nugget) pings into your mind. Simple categorise it there and then into your area.

As an example, here are three of my areas:

Personal Branding Bliss - what good PB looks like.

Technical - hands on things that can help you build your brand or engage with others

Learn - Things I have discovered (usually by making a mess of things) that might just be a help to someone else.

Each of these is now a stack, so when I spot something I can write about that is a hands on thing to do I note it down in the Technical stack. Simple.

How Do I record my Ideas?

I have a few different ways that I use depending on where I am and what I am doing.

Send myself an email or text message - one line title and stack

Post-it note in my diary

Notes app on my mobile

Asking my wife to remember so I can write it down when we get home from Tesco

When I get some free time I add my new ideas to my master spreadsheet list where I keep all of my stack content ideas.

Okay Peter, so what?

Once you have your stack list you just choose an idea and do your best to create your content.

It seems silly but it does work. Putting ideas into lists clarifies your thoughts and breaks everything down into smaller chucks that you can then pick up and create some content.

To enhance the system create content from a different list that the last piece you created. In this way your audience get a more rounded view of who you are and what you do (and why you do it).

If you are in the market for creating a powerful and authentic personal brand then get in contact with me today!

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