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Case Study: Website For Bromley House Library

In addition to being a professional portrait photographer, I provide a website service to businesses and charities. This involves creating the visuals needed for their marketing.

Creative Website Photography

In this example, Bromley House Library in Nottingham appointed me to create the visuals for their new website as they were undergoing a re-branding exercise.

Sitting down with the library director, Mel Duffill-Jeffs, we went through the current website and looked at images that they already had and they wanted to continue using. Then we brainstormed ideas that would match with the areas of the new website that needed promotion.

Getting me involved at this early stage is really helpful for both of us. It is always good to share your plans with someone who is not connected with your business. This brings a sense of objectivity as well as stirring up some creative ideas!

We agreed that many of the photographs that the library already had were very brown. Due mainly to many of the books in the library being brown and the furniture is all wooden. So we wanted some imagery that moved away from just lots of brown.

Artistic Website Photography

The library also wanted a sense of movement and people within the library. The establishment already had some high-quality static images of the interior of the library but they were empty. There was no hustle and bustle and sense of it being a beloved haven for avid readers in Nottingham.

When visiting the library you are encapsulated straight away in a warm and friendly environment. It has a real sense of history and belonging - it is so much more than just a collection of books - it is a community all of its own.

Not only are readers buried in tomes old and new, but they are also learning new languages and old, reading poetry, solving crimes and knitting (just a few of the many groups that meet in the warren of rooms in the library). There are talks from visiting speakers and presentations on a wide range of topics. Tours wander past members sipping on tea as they read the latest news.

When you cross the threshold into Bromley House Library you enter a different world - a microcosm of academia and friendship combined. All set in a beautiful old building with so many original features.

The new website somehow would have to reflect that sense if being so much more than a library.

I spent two days in and about the library. The library team are all so kind and welcoming. The members equally so.

Photography Studio Bromley House LibraryThe Photography Studio - the first in the Midlands

Did the photos achieve the aim?

"I'm just blown away. Fantastic. Utterly fantastic…Thanks Peter. We’re really happy with the photos and looking forward to seeing them built into the new website. We're really pleased with the site but of course, it's the photos that really make it! We've had lots of positive feedback about them too" Mel Duffill-Jeffs

See for yourself at https://www.bromleyhouse.org

If you would like your website images updated then Contact Peter and we can discuss your ideas.

Below you can see a small selection of the images - enjoy!

Artistic Website Photography
Photography Studio Bromley House Library
Studio Bromley House Library
Spiral Staircase Bromley House Library
Arty Website Photos
Close Up View Of Library Lithograph
Book End At Bromley House
Decoration Detail In Bromley House
Bookshelves And Ladders In Bromley House
Welcome To Bromley House Library
Creative Website Photography
Professional Website Photography
Bromley House Library Painting
Professional Website Photos
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Natural Event Photos
Panorama of Empty Photo Studio Bromley House

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