Photographer That Comes To Your Home


Family Portrait Photographer, Peter Nutkins, is the photographer that comes to your home. There is no need for you to travel to a photography studio. We bring our studio to your home, or favourite location, to capture your beautiful family portraits.

We are not like other portrait photographers - we come to your home. 

Our unique approach

All the equipment you would normally find in a portrait studio we bring right into your front lights, backdrops, and of course, the cameras!

Sometimes we may have to re-arrange your furniture to make a better space for your portrait session. Never fear, everything goes back at the end of your session as if we had not even been there.


Peter and his wife give a fantastic experience, very professional and work with you and around your time. I had a pre-natal and post-natal photoshoot done at my home of residence. They were calm and helped my five-year-old feel comfortable in taking his photos, which they did so effortlessly. I would highly recommend anyone to have Peter Nutkins as there photographer. We will be using him again.

V Nocholas


Your Experience: photographer that comes to your home

No two families are alike, so your at-home studio session is completely designed around you. We capture what makes you and your loved ones special. We work around your schedule, at your speed, enabling you to keep irresistible memories of your loved ones that will last you a lifetime.


Family get-togethers are an excellent time for a portrait

The Home Studio Family Advantage

Having your session at home makes capturing family portraits so much easier for you:

✅ There is no need for you to travel to a studio: we come to you.

✅ Being surrounded by your everyday comforts makes you more relaxed for your family portrait session.

✅ You have your complete wardrobe on hand, your children have their favourite toys, your pets are available and everyone can come and go as required.

✅ One of the biggest advantages, if you have younger children, is that their nap and feeding times remain the same, and all take place in familiar surroundings.

"He is extremely professional, easy going and friendly. A very talented photographer who will provide you with some lovely images."

K Reynolds


I limit my bookings to a maximum of one session per day so we can use as much or as little of the day as we need. I’m not going to keep you any longer than you need to be (I know you’re busy), but we also don’t need to rush because someone else is booked in straight after you.

Many families invite their extended family and friends along too! With a photographer in the house, all are welcome to join in and have their photograph taken!


Your Portrait Experience

Your Experience takes place right in your own home, or chosen location.

I will arrive at our agreed time (usually with my wife, who assists me) and start setting up our studio equipment. This takes about half an hour.

Don't worry, all our kit is professional 'on location' equipment and will not require a house remodel! We may sometimes have to rearrange some of your furniture, but we will have discussed this beforehand. Everything goes back at the end of your session, just as if we had not even been there.

"Could not recommend Peter more he took these beautiful photos of my daughter in our home making her feel a bigger diva than she already is...He was absolutely brilliant [my daughter] felt like a superstar and was at ease for the whole thing. Would 100% recommend Peter"

Gemma Ward

It is All About You

Your experience is all about you and your loved ones. So we will work around you.

Having four children of our own (and a dog), we have pretty much seen it all when it comes to having photos taken. We use all the parenting techniques in the book to help overcome the shy, the nervous, and the overexcited!

"I had a great photo shoot for my two boys... [Peter] worked brilliantly with the boys and even got them to sit still!! He gave them time and made them laugh. A thoroughly good experience with Fantastic photos as a result. Would recommend to everyone!"

J Willmott

We do not have a set length of time with you. Typically, children get tired quickly, so we bring them in for shorter periods and then let them go off and play. If young ones need a nap, or baby is restless for a feed, then being at home is the best place to be!

Once we have all the photos, we pack away and leave you to settle back into your normal routine.