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The Family Portrait Photographer That Comes To Your Home

Family Portrait Photographer, Peter Nutkins, creates artwork to make your heart skip a beat every time you pass them in your home.

There is no need for you to travel to a photography studio. We bring our studio to your home, or favourite location, to capture your beautiful family portraits.

Getting beautiful portraits should be simple. You should feel great, and be relaxed, knowing you will have portraits you will enjoy for a lifetime.

We can show you how.

Our unique approach

We have a unique approach, as family portrait photographers, in that we bring our normal studio setup right into your front room! Having a family portrait photographer that comes to your home means that:

Your experience is completely tailored to you

No two families are alike, and your session is designed around what makes you special. We work around your schedule, at your speed, enabling you to keep irresistible memories of your loved ones that will last a lifetime.

You will be at your very best

As a Master Portrait Photographer I know how to show you off at your very best and capture the spirit of your loved ones, their personalities, the connection between them and the love that binds you all together.

South West Family Portrait Photographer

The home advantage

Being at home, surrounded by your everyday comforts makes you more relaxed for your family portrait session. You have your complete wardrobe on hand, your children have their favourite toys, your pets are available and everyone can come and go as required.

One of the biggest advantages, if you have younger children, is that their nap and feeding times remain the same, and all take place in familiar surroundings.

I limit my bookings to a maximum of one session per day so we can use as much or as little of the day as we need. I’m not going to keep you any longer than you need to be (I know you’re busy), but we also don’t need to rush because someone else is booked in straight after you.

Many families invite their extended family and friends along too! With a photographer in the house, all are welcome to join in and have their photograph taken!

To speak to Peter about your family portrait photography simply complete the form:

Family Portrait Photographer - Fine Art Portraits

Your experience in detail: Studio Photoshoot at home

Step 1: Schedule a call

I invite you to a complimentary telephone consultation with me. You share with me a little about your loved ones and the kind of memories that you want to capture. I will ensure that all of your questions are answered.

If you feel I am the photographer for you, I’ll be happy to help you select a date for your at home photoshoot. A session fee will be taken at the time of booking.

We do not charge by the hour. We only do one shoot per day so we work around your schedule. We have only one simple sitting fee no matter where you live in mainland UK.

A few days before your photoshoot I will come and visit you. Usually this will be in your home. Meeting you where the photoshoot takes place gives you the opportunity to meet me and discuss in more detail how we can make the most of your photoshoot. It also helps me to start planning out what studio equipment would be best to capture your beautiful portraits.

Typically during this visit we discuss everything I need to work around, such as feeding times. We look at the best options for outfits, make-up and hairstyling too name a few.

Family Portrait Photography with Peter Nutkins

Step 2: Studio at home

Your Photoshoot takes place in your home. I will arrive at our agreed time (usually with my wife who assists me) and start setting up the studio.

Don't worry, it is all professional 'on location' equipment and will not require a house remodel! We do sometimes have to re-arrange your furniture, but we will have discussed this beforehand. Everything goes back at the end of your session as if we had not even been there.

Professional Portrait Photography

Step 3: Reveal and ordering session

Once your portrait photography has been taken I head home and get working on your final portraits.

Like a chef creating a dish out of raw ingredients I use your photographs to create your beautiful family portraits. My signature artistic style is 'painterly'. Your final portraits, once printed, will look remarkably like paintings.

No matter how many clicks my camera makes I pick around 20-30 of the best portraits that meet your expectations, as discussed in our meeting before your photoshoot.

My signature family style is 'painterly' and every piece of art is hand edited, in-house, by myself. Being a photographer I use a camera to capture your image, then I turn this into a one-off piece of art. You will not get portraits from another photographer like mine across the UK!

Our clients often comment that their finished portraits really do look like paintings! We offer prints both on soft matte cotton rag, and on our classic premium canvas, with or without a frame.

You will be getting something very special to keep - and you deserve it!

Once I have finished working on your family portraits I come back to reveal them to you! This is my favourite part of being a family portrait photographer as I see your emotions as you look through your portraits.

There is no hard sell and no minimum order. I simply create portraits that you will find hard to resist!

Your Portraits Can Be As Creative As You Like

Family Photoshoot Near Me In Somerset

Your beautiful keepsakes

Imagine your children, grandchildren, and even great grandchildren discovering your portraits for the first time. Each of them holding their breath in wonder as they see your personality and character shining through every image. You looking your very best, and feeling it too!

Photographs are meant to be seen and enjoyed by all. There is nothing like a physical print that you can hold and touch.

Our clients are looking for ways to present their beautiful portraits. So we create a range of wall art, including framed prints and canvases. We also offer fine art story books as an elegant and stylish way to display and keep your treasured memories.

For our fine art prints we use special cotton rag paper and colour pigments to ensure that your pictures will last. They will look as vibrant in 100 years as they did the day you received them.

Our canvases, acrylic and metal prints are sourced from the best craftsmen across Europe. Our books are handmade in Italy often using the same techniques handed down from generation to generation.

Family portrait photography investment

We often get asked about our pricing, so here is how it works. When you decide you want to work with us, you will be asked to pay a session fee. That session fee covers my time and talent as an artist to capture and create your portraits. My signature style is hand editing your images to museum standard. Each individual image takes around an hour to complete.

Your session fee does not include prints, wall art or books. Note that we have NO MINIMUM order. You buy as much or as little as you want.

Family Portrait Photographer

Peter Nutkins, the family portrait photographer that creates lasting studio portraits of you and your loved ones in your own home. We are based in Somerset, although we capture memories for amazing families across the South West and whole UK.

Peter Nutkins, Master Portrait Photographer
I’m dedicated to making sure that your family portrait is captured in a way that is special to you.

The Family Portrait Photographer That Comes To Your Home

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