Portraits are more than simply a photograph of a person. An excellent portrait engages the viewer as it reveals something of the character and personality of the subject. You can almost see what they are thinking. 

My approach is all about the relationship that I have with the person I am photographing. For some people having their photo taken can be extremely nerve racking, for others it’s not such an ordeal. We all change in front of a camera. You will look approachable, confident and relaxed when you are feeling good about yourself. Taking our time, and having fun, will ensure you will look at your best. 

Before the day we will discuss what you want from the portrait, what we will do during the day, how best to prepare for your portrait, and even review what you will be wearing. It is all about you! 
Our portrait session takes place wherever you like! All of the portrait images on this website have been taken in homes and gardens across the UK. Being at your home means you will be relaxed in your own surroundings and have access to as many changes of clothes as you like! 

You may wish to have your portrait taken at a favourite location. Perhaps a couple shoot at the place you first met, or a central location for a family portrait where members are coming from all over the country. 

For a ‘studio look’ I bring the studio to your home. We will already have decided what look you are going for and on the day work together to capture you at your best. For the 'Painterly Portrait' we will have picked out the clothing and poses to really make an impact.

A Portrait Session is planned to last for the whole day, or as much of the day as you want. When you book a Portrait Session with me you are the first, last, and only person I will be seeing that day. It is all about you.
My approach to portraits is different than most photographers. There is no limit on outfit changes…you can change as often as you like. There is no limit on time…I might need a cup of tea every so often though. We can vary your make-up, hair, setting, lighting, props…the sky is the limit! If you would like your extended family to have their portraits taken during our session - that is fine by me. Maybe you and another family want to team up. Not a problem. 

“I had the pleasure to meet Peter for a portraiture shoot on Wednesday this week and I have to say he's without a doubt one of the loveliest and most professional photographers to work with. Peter's organisational skills are second to none, so the pre shoot communication was excellent and the way he organised the shoot with styles, ideas and looks was fantastic and gave the shoot a real structure which was easy to follow. Additionally, throughout the shoot Peter was super respectful, welcoming and went out of his way to make me feel at home and at ease. So many photographers fall down on this bit so it genuinely put a smile on my face to work with a photographer who is not only seriously talented, but also a genuine, kind person. Thank you so much. Gemma”
After the Portrait Session I will go through all of the images. During our session we will have looked at what makes you look fantastic. I will be looking for that special photograph when you not only looked your best, but you also showed that emotion and expression that is ‘you’. This gives me a shortlist of images that I know that you will love.

When we have our Portrait Session we will book in an Ordering Session. This session takes place in your home and we go through all of the images on the short list. This is your time to decide how you would like your best images produced as a finished piece.


When your career depends on image, making an instant impact is essential. I do have a special Portrait Session for actors, models, CEOs, business people and anyone who wants to raise their online profile. For this Portrait Session I concentrate on the ‘Head Shot’; an essential for actors and models it also sends a powerful message to shareholders and investors in the annual report or company website. 

In a similar way to a regular Portrait Session the Head Shot gives you the look of that perfect balance of approachability and confidence. After the session I will supply you with high quality digital files from the time we spent together. There is no limit to the number of files…it very much depends on how you are going to use your Head Shot images. Please get in touch for prices.

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