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Personal Branding Case Study: Avyseth

Pattern Designer Emily Herrett promotes her brand Avyseth with her new personal branding images. Communicate your brand effectively with great images.

Leisa Pickles Food and Drink Lead Generation Consultant

Leisa Pickles is the Lead generation and management consultant for the UK food and drink industry. Leisa came to me for her personal branding.

Is a Headshot Photo enough or should you have more?

A professional head shot is a great first step in your journey to creating an attractive and engaging brand. But should you stop there?

Business Networking Event - Your Meal Ticket To Success

A Business Networking Event Over Lunch May Seem Old School, But Can Get You Top Marks When It Comes To Building Relationships. Read More...

Re-Touch your portrait to bring out your best

Discover how Photographer Peter Nutkins deals with post processing your portrait photography and re-touching any blemishes.

Business Photo What To Wear

I am a specialist business photographer. Here are my top tips for what to wear to look super professional in your upcoming photoshoot. Follow the link to find out more.

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