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Case Study: Avyseth

Case Study Emily Herrett Personal Branding

Pattern Designer Emily Herrett promotes her brand 'Avyseth' with her new personal branding images. Communicate your brand effectively with great photography.

Recently, pattern designer, Emily Herrett, came to me for her personal branding photography. I had never heard of a pattern designer, but during our Marketing review Consultation Emily explained to me what she does - and it all became clear!

A pattern designer creates beautiful patterns for use on wallpapers, fabrics, ceramics, table cloths and just about anywhere you would find a pattern. Emily bases her designs on nature, using the shapes and colours of flowers and plants to create her masterpieces.

Once she has captured her images she converts these onto paper by hand, or onto her computer via her graphics software. From from here her final designs are created.

Genuine Personal Brand Photographer

Our initial consultation centred around the brand that she is is aiming to communicate - her story. Together we discussed the kind of visual content that she would be looking for, how it would be used, and alternatives that would be useful further down the line. I aim to create for all my clients a mini library of images for use in their media kit, on their website, social media and blogs.

We focus in on the details of what Emily does, how she does it, as well as Emily herself. This helps her tell the story of her brand over the coming months via her website and social media.

Our photoshoot took place around her house and garden where she lives and works. This gave us scope to get those all important images that Emily would be able to use on her blog and website.

Fun Brand Photographer

When capturing personal branding photography it is important to get a variety of vertical and horizontal images, and to leave 'empty space' where text and information can go to accompany the image. Emily had not started on her final website design, but often I work with your designer to create the photos that fit into specific parts of your site.

Keyboard Detail Personal Brand

Getting a range of detail and portrait shots is always a top priority for me. These kind of visual assets turn out to be super useful when communicating with your audience. Emily was also keen to have mini-communication images for use on her Instagram feed. These would be text based with a mini photo of her in the corner.

Instagram Branding Photography

These were great fun, and in-between laughing we managed to capture lots of different expressions for her to use!

Your Personal Brand

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