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Case Study: Leisa Pickles

Leisa Pickles UK Food & Drink

Leisa is a Newark based lead generation and management consultant for the UK food and drink industry. When setting up her own consultancy business she needed quality personal brand images.

Business Portrait Leisa Pickles

Leisa Pickles and I met over an Indian lunch set up by the East Midlands Institute of Directors. Setting up her business Leisa was on the look out for great images that represented her.

Leisa provides a really interesting service, particularly for smaller producers of food and drink. Working on behalf of her clients Leisa follows up on leads as well as proactively finding new leads. In addition she provides trade show support and new business development.

Personal Branding Photographer NottinghamVisiting Stewarts Coffee in Nottingham

Having looked into headshots from other photographers she realised that she needed something more than simply a profile image. We met up a few week later to talk personal branding and all things Leisa Pickles.

When we arrived to our meeting our venue was closed so we walked around and found the great little eatery The Silly Sausage Cafe. Over a coffee Leisa talked through what makes her business unique, how she wanted to market herself and what kind of images would work best for her.

Leisa Pickles Carriages NewarkLeisa at Carriages in Newark

Many of my clients are not super confident in front of the camera and we talked through how we could get Leisa at her best.

We settled on two photo sessions - the first in Nottingham and the second around the Newark area. We were able to incorporate visits to local food and drink extablishemnets to add context to the work that Leisa does.

Rather than simply posing I worked with Leisa by directing her like on a movie set. This quickly degenerated into lots of laughs and her being relaxed and having fun.

Leisa Pickles Presenter

Getting a wide range of images that can be used in different scenarios is key. To this end we took over Studio Chocolate and grabbed some images with founder and owner Ellie Wharrad.

Leisa Pickles Find Me The Leads

Next we headed over to the coffee roasting house Stewarts of Trent Bridge to pick up an image of Leisa among the roasting beans.

Leisa Pickles Chocolate StudioLeis and Ellie

Our second location was in Newark on Trent. After a tour of Newark Castle and gardens we headed to Carriages Cafe for a few coffee shots and to take part in a presentation on how recycled coffee could be used.

Leisa Pickles PortraitLeisa Pickles At Newark Carriages Cafe

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