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Feeling the pressure of posting content? Your commitment to raising your profile can end up making you a social media slave.

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The pressure of posting content puts many people off keeping up with their social media. Experts in the field tell you that you must be posting daily (or more) on every media channel you can get yourself on. Apparently this is how you stay top-of-mind.

In a way that advice holds true. If you can keep up the regime of continual posting, responding and re-posting then you may very well be top-of-mind. But you may also be out-of-your-mind too!

For many business people a couple of days of constant and consistent content creation, uploading and then responding is enough to make them throw their mobile in the bin and swear never to touch LinkedIn again.

Is there a middle way? You want not too much pressure to engage, but enough social action to be connected and thriving.

I am an escaped social media slave. The pressure to produce content started out being a motivator for action, but soon turned into a burden I just didn't need.

Looking Upside Down

Imagine yourself being a content king or content queen. You have risen to this level because you post by following a simple strategy based around how you work, think and live. It is straightforward to create content because it is simply explaining what you do and how you do it and, of course, why you do it.

To make things even easier your content is illustrated by a library of magazine-quality images sitting right on your hard-drive. Even better again - you could pump out content automatically via some cool online software. Instead of daily pain, you can take a half day every couple of weeks and create all of your posts in one go.

That would be great!

You can find out more about scheduled publishing on LinkedIn by following this link: Business.LinkedIn.com

As far as a social media strategy - when you are creating your brand - find a professional to collaborate with you to help you create your strategy for creating content and making publishing to social media straightforward. You also want some amazing images to illustrate your posts.

If you want to find out more about building an authentic brand with me that includes a social media strategy designed around you, then fill out the form below.

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