Investment In Your Family: Memories For A Lifetime


My clients realise that family is their greatest treasure. They invest in memories that will last a lifetime. They make a family investment.

"A portrait by Peter Nutkins speaks to your family. Young or old. That they are deeply loved. They are part of a larger story . . . your family legacy."

Your family legacy

Recent years have made many of us stop and think about our real priorities in life. I sat down and thought about why I ran my business.

I found that my values underpin all that I do. Here they are (so that you know how I work):

  • Family are important
  • Providing genuine service is more satisfying than making a quick sale
  • I like quality and things that last
  • I only sell what I like
  • I want you to enjoy your portraits every day
  • I want your great-grandchildren to love your portraits too

So, I have a very simple goal: To help you invest in your family legacy.

I help you create memories of your loved ones that will last a lifetime. To have portraits that will be heirlooms for generations.

You can read all about my portrait experiences, and how I come to your home on this website.


Investment In Memories

The Portrait Experience

This is where I come to your home or favourite location. I capture your photographs and turn them into beautiful portraits.

You can read all about the experience here: Portrait In Your Own Home.

Booking an experience means that I come to you. Afterwards, you purchase only the portraits that you fall in love with.

No hard sell. No minimum order.

A Portrait Experience in your home is only £150.

Old Master's Collection

If you are looking for something exclusive then this is the collection for you! This is a family investment that will be a talking point for generations.

You can read all about our collections here: Old Master's Collection


Size Of Products

I measure my prints and wall art using the 'longest edge' of the printed surface.

So, a 20-inch print will be 20 inches long on the longest edge of the actual print. The price does not change regardless of the shortest edge.

All my prints will also have a border added for handling. So a 20-inch print may in fact be 21-inches wide.

All my framed prints are measured inside the mount. The framed price does not change regardless of the shortest edge, or the width of the mount and the frame.

If you are unsure about the best size for your home then please get in contact.

    Fine Art Prints

    My fine art prints are giclée printed using pigment colours. I use genuine art paper to give that special touch and feel.

    For colour portraits: I use a heavy cotton rag with a smooth matt surface and velvety texture. It is soft, smooth, and holds colours and blacks for over 100 years.

    For monochrome: I have a range of heavy rags depending on the mood and feeling of the portrait itself. The archival rating is up to 200 years.

    Fine Art prints start at only £50 for a 12-inch, and include a complimentary digital copy.


      Every print meets the highest standards in the UK. This covers density, colour gamut, colour graduation, and image sharpness.

      With every fine art print, I also give you a digital copy of the print in the size that you buy. You can use it to post on Facebook, make more prints or set it as the desktop on your PC!

      You can have your fine art print matted or framed to your liking and coordinate with your home decor. I offer both art glass and museum glass.


      Artists Canvas

      Enjoy your portraits on a lightweight canvas. This high-quality cotton canvas faithfully reproduces the natural painting canvas. I use pigments to colour the canvas and hold its colour and black. Our Painter Canvas is archival-rated to last over 100 years.

      Your canvas is then varnished and framed with one of our decorative wooden frames.

      With every Artist Canvas, I gift you a digital copy in the size of canvas that you buy.

      The Artist Canvas starts at only £99 for a 20-inch, and include a complimentary digital copy.

      Decorative Wooden Frames:


        Old Masters' Canvas

        The ultimate way to present your portrait is with my Classic Handmade Canvas:

        Legacy Box

        Keep 10 of your fine art Matted Prints in my luxury Legacy Box.

        Handmade in Italy, our Legacy Box is a contemporary expression of the painters’ canvas. A beautifully crafted box that holds 10 fine art prints of your portraits in 11x14 inch mats. The lid is overprinted with a signature portrait from your experience. The box hides a USB drive in the base that contains a digital copy of your portraits.

        Our Legacy Box is available in a range of colours in leather, linen, suede or 'touch'.


        Folio Box

        The Folio represents simplicity and pure elegance, with clean lines and elegant style.

        Your portraits are kept safe in this beautifully crafted box handmade in Italy. You select up to 25 fine art prints of your portraits in 11x14 inch mats. The box hides a USB drive in the base that contains a digital copy of your portraits.

        The Folio Box is available in a range of colours in leather, linen, suede or 'touch'.


        "I had a brilliant shoot with Peter in my home recently. He was very polite and easy to speak to. Peter was easy to communicate with during the shoot, giving me tips and tricks to use...He made me feel very comfortable and confident while we were shooting. After all that, the results are amazing."

        Abbie Winn


        I offer both a modern and a traditional storybook.

        The Modern Book is a lay flat glossy book with thick pages. Every portrait is carefully set to give maximum impact. A beautiful collection of your portraits bound within an elegant and stylish book. Handmade in Italy.

        The Favola is a traditional handcrafted book. Your portraits are printed onto handmade Amalfi paper at the Amalfi mill in Italy. I use limited edition, 100% pure cotton Amalfi pages, with décollage edges. They are then hand-sewn together with a visible stitch. Finally, it is wrapped in a luxury genuine Italian cowhide leather “Etrusco” wrap. The overall size of the Favola is approximately 12 by 15 inches.

        Please note: due to the way in which both the books are created they are only rated at 40 years. Although, if carefully treasured they will last longer.

        "Had a fabulous shoot with Peter a couple of weeks ago from the comfort of my own home. Peter was incredibly professional and kind, and gave excellent direction. I thoroughly enjoyed the shoot and love the final photos. Would 100% recommend this photographer!"

        Megan Henry


        Frequently Asked Questions

        What if I do not like my Portraits?

        I sell with a promise of “BUY WHAT YOU LOVE”. I aim to make portraits that you cannot resist!

        If for any reason you don't like your portraits, I suggest you not buy anything that you don't love. There is absolutely no obligation.

        What if I have to reschedule my session?

        I understand that sometimes things do not go to plan and I cannot come to your home. I try to be as accommodating as possible and allow for a re-schedule.

        Let me know as soon as possible and we will agree on a new date that works for us both.

        How far in advance do we need to book?

        I have clients booking for next week and some 2 or 3 years in advance. The best thing is to book a day that is best for you. So, get in contact and let’s get our diaries together!

        What kinds of payments do you take?

        I take all credit and debit cards, PayPal, mobile payments (e.g. ApplePay), and Bank Transfers.

        I do not accept cheques.

        Are there any hidden charges we should know about?

        Absolutely not, no way, not ever! 

        Hidden charges and misleading small print are one of the things I despise most. You will not experience any of that with me!

        If you have any questions about any part of your experience then please ask. The contract you sign before your session also explains these items and more.

        As always I am happy to answer any questions.

        Do you do framed prints instead of a framed canvas

        Yes, I do. The Old Masters' Collections are based around a beautiful framed canvas. My families love them and they are becoming so popular.

        I also carry a range of other family investments in our À la carte menu.

        Do you charge for travel and other expenses?

        I do not charge for travel or expenses within Mainland UK. 

        For my international clients, I do make a charge for transport and accommodation. This will be agreed upon with you beforehand and will be 'at cost’.

        We Don't Live In The South West, Will You Still Help Us?

        I am based in the South West but serve families across the UK. Most of my clients live in London and the Midlands. My families live right across the country. So, get in contact and I will come to you!