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Hello my name is Peter and I am a specialist Taunton Family Photographer. I create fine art painterly style portraits that capture very special memories of you and your loved ones for you to treasure forever.

The Taunton Family Photographer

Imagine, just for a moment, your children, grandchildren, and even your great grandchildren, discovering your beautiful portraits for the very first time.

Visualise each of them wide eyed and holding their breath in wonder as they turn over each portrait. They can see your personality and character shining through every image. They are able to feel the soft velvety matte cotton under their finger tips and enjoy the vibrant colours and the deep blacks in each and every print.

It is almost as if they get to know a little of who you are, as well as only what you look like.

Of course, I will always make sure that you look your very best in every single portrait.

My signature family portrait style is 'painterly'

Unlike a one-click photo-filter that is simply applied to any old photo you take on your mobile, each photograph I take is lovingly edited by myself by hand. It is a longer process, but one that turns the photograph I capture in your home into a real piece of art. Every portrait I create is hand edited, in-house, by myself.

Being a photographer of course I use a camera to capture your image, however, I then turn that image into a one-off piece of art. You will not get portraits like this from another Taunton family photographer (or anywhere else for that matter).

Our clients often comment that the finished portraits they receive really do look like paintings! Not only do they look like paintings from afar, we present all our portraits either on soft matte cotton rag, or on our classic premium canvas.So they feel like paintings too! Both of these produce beautiful pieces that you can be proud to hang in your home, either with or without a frame.

You will be getting something very special to keep - and you and your family deserve every bit of it!

The art that I create is intended to last you a lifetime and is not available from the High Street. Every aspect of your portrait experience is designed around you and your family. Your final portraits are hand-made with love, using colour pigments (rather than inks) and highest quality materials that ensure your memories will be just as vibrant in 100 years as they were the day you first received them.

Taunton Photography Studio

So, you may be wondering where exactly is my studio in Taunton? Well, it is in your home!

The national press and advertisers often focus on improvements and developments in camera technology. Cameras have certainly changed dramatically over the last few years.

However, with everything having turned digital studio equipment has also come on in leaps and bounds, and is now used 'out in the field' by professional photographers all over the world.

To compare, think Hollywood movies of the past being replaced by Netflix movies that can often be of higher visual quality and on only a fraction of the scale.

Essentially, I convert your front room, conservatory, garden or even your kitchen into a studio for a few hours.

All you need is on hand in your home - your loved ones, pets, all of your clothing and make-up, plus the kids favourite toys. The baby can be put down for a nap or fed with the minimum of fuss and everyone is in their own comfortable environment.

It just makes sense.

Get in touch today for a chat about how I can help you:

Location: Taunton, Somerset.

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