Abandoned At Invershiel in the Scottish Highlands
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Abandoned At Invershiel in the Scottish Highlands

A trip to the Isle of Skye, in the Highlands of Scotland, was a little disappointing as photography was almost non-existent. The characteristic wind, rain, mist and cloud shrouded the Isle for our whole stay.

All was not lost though as we drove along the shoreline of Loch Duich. This boat had been abandoned by the waters of the Loch and rested on a bed of seaweed and sand. The weather was harsh. Rain poured down and a soaking mist hung in the air. This gritty black and white image reflects the feeling of the scene as I viewed it. The landscape is awe inspiring, and I find stirs my emotions.

Maybe in a distant past I have some Scottish blood!

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Location: Invershiel, IV40 8HL, Scotland.

Keywords: Highlands (3), Scotland (4).

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