Higger Tor - The Giant of the Dark Peak
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Higger Tor - The Giant of the Dark Peak

The Great Gritstone Giant Higger Tor Watches Over The Dark Peak

One of the most iconic landmarks of the Peak, the lunar shape of Higger Tor, in the Dark Peak, is remarkable.

This area is one of favourite areas of the Peak District National Park and I love the other worldly shape of both Higger and the nearby Carl Wark.

This photograph was taken in late summer as the heather was in late bloom. I was hoping for a lovely sunny day with the moorland bathed in warm sunlight. Instead, I was treated to some exciting Higger Tor drama - thick dark clouds, strips of sunlight and Derbyshire Ale (rain).

Starting out at the iron age hill fort hat is Carl Wark I made my way a few yards along the pathway to Higger to get this image. Sitting in the heather for a few hours waiting for the light to be 'just right' I was pleased to meet a host of walkers as they followed a route on their OS Maps mobile app.

There is another great shot from further up on Carl Wark with either the wall defences or rocks in the foreground. On this day the heather was a little threadbare and just did not make a nice composition near the rocks, and I could not get a good angle with the sun for the defences. I like the sun to be at an angle rather than directly in front or behind (unless I am looking for a sunset or sunrise of course).

When the clouds came over, and a few spits of rain were in the air, I thought it was all going a bit pear shaped. Then in the distance I could see a break in the clouds - and soon the sunlight streamed through hitting the rocks at either end of the Tor.

What drama! I hope you like it!

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