Sentinel Of The Sea - Burnham Lower Lighthouse
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Sentinel Of The Sea - Burnham Lower Lighthouse

You may have already come across photographs of this 'little lighthouse on legs' located at Burnham-On-Sea. We used to live in Burnham and so it was part of our everyday lives.

The gentle morning breeze filled my lungs as I stood and looked out at the lighthouse standing guard before me. Only the call of a distant gull pierced the soothing lap of the receding sea. The world around me was on pause, waiting for the day to begin. It was as if there was nothing else.



Peace gently cradled the air, the morning held back by the wooden sentinel of the sea.

Then the bark of a dog, the buzzer of the delivery van, the clatter of metal upon metal.

The start of another day.

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Location: Burnham-on-Sea Lighthouse, Somerset, England.

Keywords: England (28), Somerset (5).

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