Sheepwash Bridge Ashford in the Water
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Sheepwash Bridge Ashford in the Water

The medieval Sheepwash Bridge is the highlight of the picturesque village of Ashford in the Water.

Not only is the bridge made of 'coarse limestone rubble' beautiful to look at, it is also a Scheduled Ancient Monument. Until the last few generations lambs would be brought down to the water and penned in the enclosure (seen on the left) then ewes thrown into the River Wye for a swim. The ewes would swim for the lambs and were dunked by their shepherds prior to being sheared a little further down stream. The sheep wash and shearing became a village attraction and residents remember as children taking part as the village came out to take part.

Today the bridge is closed to traffic (it only carries pack horses) and is a favourite spot to feed the many ducks as well as spot trout in the waters below. While I was taking this image a huge heron swooped overhead and landed just the other side of the bridge. Sadly, I was not quick enough to catch it in flight, or the occasional kingfishers that were darting to and fro.

I hope that you enjoy "Sheepwash Bridge Ashford in the Water"

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Location: Ashford in the Water, Bakewell, Derbyshire, DE45 1QF.

Keywords: Derbyshire (13), England (28), Peak District (17).

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