Classic Handmade Canvas | Exclusive Luxury

An exclusive luxury classic handmade canvas for your portrait. The difference is one that you can see and feel. Just wait until you get your hands on one of these museum-quality pieces!

Why A Handmade Canvas?

A traditional canvas is a beautiful and lasting way to present your portrait. It is exclusive, bespoke, and oozes quality. What we are creating together is a piece of art that will last you a lifetime.

Our classic handmade canvas is central to each Collection in our Old Masters' range. From Vermeer to Michelangelo each canvas is traditionally made by hand.

Luxurious and bespoke this type of canvas is not available in the UK.


The way we make your portrait means it retains the colour and vibrancy of a real photographic print. 

Your portrait is first printed as a genuine photographic print. A heavy natural fibre canvas is then stripped by hand. Your portrait print is then bonded to the linen.


Your canvas is then stretched over a solid wood frame until it is as tight as a drum. 

Attention to detail and excellence is obvious throughout. Corners are always folded, never cut.


Being handmade, our skilled craftsmen take the time to hand smooth the natural texture of the linen under the faces in your portrait.

Next, clear acrylic brush stroking is then painted by hand. This means your portrait is entirely unique. Not only does this preserve your artwork, but it also adds texture, brush strokes and detail that makes it look just like a painting.


Finally, we frame your canvas from our wide selection of solid wooden frames both classic and modern. From start to finish it takes around a month to create your beautiful family portrait.

A certificate of authenticity is added to every canvas, signed by the craftsman who created it.


We create your portrait to be long-lasting. In fact, your final canvas can even be cleaned with window cleaner and water! You will have a durable, museum-quality canvas that lives life as you do and lasts a lifetime.

All in all, a one-of-a-kind, handmade art piece!