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Looking for a Barnt Green portrait photographer? Then look no further. My name is Peter and I specialise in creating painterly-style family portraits. I capture special memories of you and your loved ones for you to treasure forever.

"A family portrait becomes an heirloom. A memory you can treasure for years to come. A story that will last generations."

Barnt Green Portrait Photographer Near You

I capture beautiful family portraits. 

Whether you live in the heart of the village, Alvechurch, or in the wider Bromsgrove area. I am the top photographer for families who are looking for a family heirloom. A piece of art that makes an elegant statement in any room.

Create special memories of your family. I come to your home throughout Worcestershire and the surrounding area. Yes, I capture beautiful portraits in the comfort of your own home!

A Unique Service

We offer a unique service to families in Worcestershire:

No other Worcestershire photographer creates portraits like this. Actually, no other photographer anywhere else in the UK for that matter either!

For more information contact Barnt Green Photographer, Peter Nutkins:

Old Masters' Painterly Style

In contrast to most modern photography studios, I use old paintings to guide my work. Our classic family portraits are created in the style of the Old Masters such as Rembrandt.

Imagine a Vermeer, Leonardo or even a Michelangelo on display in your own home (but with you as the subject)!

I lovingly hand-edit each portrait in my signature style. It is a creative process that turns a photograph I capture in your home into a piece of art. Every portrait is hand-edited, in-house, by myself.

You want your portrait to last for generations. You want your portrait to be luxurious, exclusive and unique.

From our fine art prints to our Classic Handmade Canvas. We design every portrait we create to last for over 100 years. We want your children, grandchildren, and even great-grandchildren to enjoy them!

Worcestershire Photographer

We live in the South West of England. Yet, discerning families throughout the UK commission us to take their family portraits.

This of course includes Barnt Green, the surrounding villages, as well as Bromsgrove.

Our clients want to invest in their families. They know that making memories now will bring happiness to generations to come.